Types of Energy

Energy can be of plenty of different types. Most of the people associate energy with only sound light and heat energy. Energy can be of plenty of different types as well. We would be highlighting the different type of energy options which you have.

types of energy

Primarily, the energy options are divided into renewable energy and non-renewable energy. In each of those categories, there are plenty of options for the energy types which you might be looking for.

Types of Energy

Kinetic energy: Any energy which causes the object to move or set something in motion is known as kinetic energy. This can be the energy which is present in a moving ball or it could be the energy which is present in the tires of a vehicle which are moving as well.

Mechanical energy: Any object can contain kinetic energy if it is in motion or it can contain potential energy if it is stationary. The sum of kinetic energy and potential energy is known as mechanical energy.

Sound energy: Sound is generated when there is vibration in the medium. Thus, sound energy is generated by vibrating the medium in most cases and the medium can be air or water or some other medium.

Heat energy: The heat energy can be found naturally in the earth and can be artificially generated by heating a bowl of water. Heat energy is used to generate electricity using geothermal power plants as well.

Chemical energy: Often times when a couple of chemical compounds react, heat is generated as well. This heat is generated due to the chemical energy which was present in the bonds of these compounds earlier and which was converted and released in the form of heat energy. The chemical energy is contained in the atoms as well as molecules of many chemicals which when broken, are converted to heat energy or some other form of energy.

Gravitational energy: Gravitational energy is the energy in the form of the force which is acting on us and is keeping us bound to earth. This is the energy which is generated by the earth. Some of the other planets also have the gravitational energy.

Radiation energy: Radiation energy is induced due to the passage of electric current or electromagnetic field through space. It is a common form of energy when you are speaking about electromagnetic induction. There are various applications these days which use the principle of electromagnetic induction, in these applications; the energy which is produced is in the form of radiant energy.

These are the most common type of energy options which we use on a day-to-day basis. Most of the people do not have any knowledge about these energy types but would have surely used them unknowingly.

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