Radiant Energy

Radiant EnergyRadiant energy is often used in the electronic circuits especially in the circuits which make the use of electromagnetic induction.

Radiant energy is the energy which is contained inside the electromagnetic waves.


Radiant energy can be transferred from one substance to another via a medium instead of any solid object. Radiant energy can also be transferred through water as well as gases. The common applications of radiant energy are in the fields of solar energy, electromagnetic induction, radiometric. It is widely used in telecommunications as well.


Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is often considered as a collection of photons and the radiant energy can be considered likewise as a carrier of those photons from one material to another. The distance which the radiant energy is spread over, depends on the amplitude of the current which is involved and the type of the medium.

The most common example of radiant energy is the energy or the heat which we get from the sun. The medium in between the Sun and the Earth can be vacuum or it can be air to the earth. The heat which is transferred from the sun to the earth is in the form of radiant energy. Vibrating particles generate a radiant wave which ensures that the subsequent wave is also vibrating and therefore using this method, the heat which is radiated from the sun reaches the earth.

The electromagnetic waves can travel through a variety of mediums ranging from vacuum to even water. When these electromagnetic waves strike any substance or material, they cause of the atoms and the molecules in that substance or material to vibrate and this causes the generation of heat. In such a way, the radiation energy can be converted into heat energy.


The Applications of Radiation

The applications of radiation energy as we discussed above are plenty and the applications are even increasing in the biomedical field as well. Radiation therapy is also used to kill the cells of cancer. Radiant energy plays a very important role in our lives ranging from the heat which we get from the sun all the way to the medical applications as well.

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