Electrical Energy

Electrical energy can be defined as the energy which is contained in the charged particles when they are present in an electric field. Electric field surrounding each and every circuit is proportional to the current which is flowing through it. The electric field can apply the force on the charged particles and this can be with or against the movement of the charged particles.


What constitutes an electric field?


Electric fields are very much similar to the gravitational fields. Instead of the gravitational field exerted by the Earth, the electric fields are generated by the object inside which the current is flowing. They would surround the object in their field.Electric fields normally surround the objects in the area of the field and exert forces on them.

When you make a current pass through a wire, it would generate a small electric field depending on the magnitude of the current. Similarly, if you increase the magnitude of the current, the strength of the electric field would also be increasing. The direction of the electric field depends on the direction in which the current is flowing.


Electrical energy:


Electrical energy is a potential form of energy. This is stored in object and the amount of energy which is contained in the object depends on its location in the electric field. The charged object would move due to the force of electric field which is exerted on it.

A similar example would be to ride a bike downwards on a hill without actually having to paddle the bike down the slope. The bike would move down the slope automatically due to the way in which the gravitational force acts on the bike.

Same is the principal of working of electric energy as well. The potential energy is contained in an object and relative to its position in the electric field; it can move the object accordingly.

The electrical energy which is contained in the object is converted into kinetic energy with the help of the electric field which surrounds the object.

So, now that you understand the definition of electrical energy, you would be able to make a better decision while preparing your circuits and especially in applications in which take into account the electromagnetic induction principle.

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