Electric Energy

Electric energy is the proportional to the movement of the particle inside the electric field. The electric field which is around the charged object can work against this movement or can work to aid this movement. It depends on the charge of the particle as well as the position of the particle related to the electric field.

Electric field is often used in each and every type of electric circuit to predict the working of the electric circuit. If the electric field is pretty strong and the electric charge which is in the object is pretty weak, the object would not be moving from one place to another.

This principle is always used in the flow of electrons as well which constitute the flow of electric current.


Charged Electrons

In order to determine the electric energy, you have to look at the number of charged electrons and the charged protons and you have to look into their movement inside the nucleus to understand how the electric energy would be flowing. If the flow of electrons is obstructed, the electric current flow would not be present and therefore there would be no difference between the 2 points in the electric field and therefore there would be no voltage between those 2 points as well. Thus, the entire working of electric current as well as electricity depends on the movement of electrons from one place to another which is determined by the electric energy in the charged object.

It also is determined by the strength of the electric field. The strength of the electric field is determined by the current which is flowing through the wire. Whenever a current passes through a wire, it generates an electric field around it and if there is any other charged object which is placed in this electric field, the electric energy in that charged object would be either obstructed by the electric field or it would be aided by the electric field causing the object to move.

In Short

Thus, the understanding of electric field is very important to understand any electric circuit or to make any electric circuit work. This calculation of electric energy is used in all our day-to-day appliances as well as day-to-day applications of electric energy as well.

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